Founded in 1985, The Garde Arts Center, Inc. is a non-profit professional performing arts center nationally recognized for its unique architecture and multi-faceted programming serving Southeastern Connecticut.

Located in the heart of downtown New London, the Garde owns and operates the historic Garde theatre, one of the few remaining historic movie palaces in Connecticut. Built in 1926 during the golden era of the motion pictures and vaudeville theatres, the restored Moroccan interior of the Garde Theatre, along with the expanded lobbies and function spaces, provide a very audience-friendly theatre venue in a warm and beautiful atmosphere.

In addition to the Garde Theatre, the Garde owns a complex of three adjoining buildings including the 110-seat intimate Oasis Room, the Garde Gallery, the Mercer Building, and the Meridian Building, comprising an “arts block” of creative enterprises.

In  2014, the community raised funds to enable the installation of a state-of-the-art digital cinema and surround-sound system, making the Garde one of the pre-eminent venues in New England for both world-class cinema and live performances.