As Hollywood films transition to a completely digital format, the Garde Arts Center was determined to ensure that the legacy of 87 years of movie-going at New London’s nationally-acclaimed and fully-restored Garde Movie Palace would be able to continue.

The Campaign to Save Movies at the Garde was publicly launched in September 2013 to custom-design and install a Hollywood-certified digital cinema projection and audio system.

With individual, business, school and foundation gifts – ranging from $5 to $100,000 – from throughout Connecticut and beyond, the Garde now boasts a new state-of-the-art 4K cinema projection and audio system (designed by the award-winning engineers of Boston Light & Sound) that surpasses the visual and audio quality of 35mm film.   The Campaign was also able to save the Garde’s 35mm projectors by connecting them into the new cinema audio system.

Under the new name of Garde Cinema: The Real Movie Palace Experience, the Garde Arts Center will be able to present new and  classic movies and other projected programs in almost any format: DCP, Blu-ray, Internet, Video cameras, computers, cable and closed-circuit television, and even 35mm projection. Our live performances, educational programming and musical concerts will continue under the Garde Arts Center name.

The Campaign continues to receive donations to underwrite costs of maintenance, new technological capacities, and expanded Garde Cinema programs year-round.  Special Named Opportunities and are offered for qualified donors.  Call 860-444-4430 for further information or click here.





Amount raised: $520,000 (as of 4/18/2014)